【ラッキークラフトUSA】LC 1.5DRS / Brent Ehrler / Sam Rayburn / Spring

公開日: 2014/04/01

Lucky Craft USA Prostaff Brent Ehrler explains how to fish with the LC 1.5DRS. Deep Rattle Sound or DRS refers to a single knocker internal rattle. Using a single knocker in the bait make a “click-click-click” sound instead of the “sh-sh-sh” sound made by BB style rattles. More and more professional anglers are turning to the single rattle style baits. Team Lucky Craft member Brent Ehrler uses DRS, “I love the LC DRS baits. For me it’s a much more effective rattle than the standard BB rattles. With years of trial and error, visually seeing fish react to different baits has taught me that the single knock baits catch more big fish.”

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