【ラッキークラフトUSA】Pointer 125 / Joe Thomas / Manitoba / Summer


2014/08/11 に公開

Lucky Craft pros Joe Thomas explains how he fishes with the Pointer 125. Lucky Craft’s new three-jointed swimbait is perfect for lakes where blue back herring are spawning. Unlike a normal swimbait, the Pointer 125 has a lip that allows for more possibilities and actions when working the bait. Dubbed the “enhanced swimbait,” the Pointer 125 has three segments, which allow for realistic swimming action in the water. The bait also comes standard with large treble hooks, #3 on the front and #4 hooks on the back. Some swimbaits have great action but less sturdy hook, but the Pointer 125 allows anglers to experience both characteristics at the same time. With natural, lifelike action and strong trebles, the Pointer 125 is sure to be a new favorite among anglers. The Pointer 125 can be fished like a swimbait or jerked like a regular Pointer jerkbait. With the lip in addition to the joints, you have the best of both worlds. When the big, but finicky, slow fish are following the bait but just not willing to commit, anglers have the option to switch from a swimbait action to a jerking, twitching action to entice the large bass. The Pointer 125 also has a heavier body weight, which allows for longer casts. The bait, like its smaller Pointer counterparts, has a good profile, cuts through the air very well and casts like a rock. It can be cranked fast just under the water’s surface, or jerked to reach depths around 3 feet. Most swimbaits are used during the shad spawn, but with the multiple actions of the Pointer 125, the time of year to throw the new bait is much more broad. It’s the perfect bait for the winter months when swimbaits don’t work as well. Fishing long points in the winter, with a jerkbait action, will attract more fish. It’s also a great bait for smallmouth. Video footage by Reel in the Outdoors.

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